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7/15/11: Colbert Super PAC Update
7/28/11: The Time has come to take a Stand. For Something.
8/10/11: Spiders In Your Hair!
8/10/11: Colbert Super PAC Releases Its Greatest Ad Ever, Also Its First
8/11/11: Colbert Super PAC Rushes New Commercial to Ad-Starved Iowans
10/06/11: Did you feel it?
10/07/11: Colbert Super PAC?s New Ad Goes Strong to the Rim/Airwaves
10/27/11: Colbert Super PAC's Latest Ad Will Leave You Speechless, Then Speak For You
11/08/11: Profiles In Undaunted Non-Coordination
12/06/11: The Fight Goes on. The Dream Endures.
12/22/11: Merry Christmas from Colbert Super PAC!
1/12/12: Under New Management!
1/14/12: The Definitely Not Coordinated With Stephen Colbert Super PAC Releases First Ad, Begins To Regret Length Of Name
1/16/12: The Definitely Not Coordinating With Colbert Super PAC Releases New Ad Urging Voters To Support Stephen Colbert, Who Is Not Running
1/17/12: The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC Releases Latest Ad To South Carolina & Clio Award Committee
1/18/12: The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC Releases Latest Commercial Featuring Full Frontal Negativity
1/19/12: New South Carolina Poll Shows Enthusiasm for Both Stephen Colbert and Answering Questions from Strangers on the Telephone
1/21/12: Citizens, unite behind citizen Cain!
1/23/12: Super PAC Update: Minder's Keepers, Founder's Weepers
1/28/12: The Definitely Not Hacked By Stephen Colbert Super PAC
1/30/12: Stephen Colbert Wins Democracy! Kingmaker Pundit Regains Super PAC, Files Financial Report, Takes Nap.
3/30/12: Colbert Super PAC Super Fun Pack!
4/02/12: The Colbert Super PAC Super Fun Pack - Now With More Super Fun!
4/27/12: Colbert Super PAC Newsletter: The Next Generations: A News Hope: Fellowships Of The Rings
6/07/12: Official Colbert Super PAC Super Fun Pack Super Fun Treasure Hunt Update!
11/05/12: Making A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow (Starting Tomorrow)
11/12/12: It's Mourning in America
12/05/12: Official Posthumous Colbert Super PAC Communique
12/13/12: The Ham Rove Foundation presents their First and Final Annual Charitable Donations

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